About Cadie




Cadie Lynn is a Licensed Acupuncturist, herbalist, shamanic practitioner, mentor and facilitator.

Cadie completed her Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine from the National College of Natural Medicine in 2013. She has additional training in shamanic medicine & cross-cultural wisdom traditions (5+ years), pediatrics, Jin Shin Tara, and mentorship and leadership for healers.

Cadie creates a safe and attentive space for healing and tends well to the specific needs and unique makeup of each patient, weaving in acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping and gua sha, hands on energy work, traditional dietary wisdom, lifestyle guidance, and soul-centric practices to offer the most quality care possible.

By choosing to see only one client at a time, the acupuncture becomes more than acupuncture – it becomes a deep healing session where we can attune to the more subtle layers of healing that want tending.

She is devoted to serving her community a medicine that treats the whole person and the whole of life by communicating our direct connection to Nature and Cosmos.

I like to think of myself as a guide that helps you get to where you want to go, simply by connecting you with the wisdom of your body and spirit.  Through acupuncture, plant medicines and soul guidance, I offer tools and resources that take you to the next level in your healing journey and well-being.

Cadie is a Florida native and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of Florida. It was there in the oak and pine forests, swamps, lakes, and springs of this southern state that she discovered her connection to the wild, natural world, as well as her passion for conservation, sustainability, and permaculture. After college, Cadie traveled extensively, journeying through the jungles of Ecuador, eco-farms of Nicaragua, and the Mayan villages of Guatemala, eventually guiding her to a path of natural and soul-centered medicine.

I deeply believe in the power of traditional forms of healing for long-term transformation and the re-claiming of our vitality and wholeness. It is through working with the SOUL that the healing process becomes evolutionary instead of just fixing.

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