Green solutions for picky eaters

Are your kids picky eaters? Do you have trouble getting enough greens into your own diet? I was recently inspired by the idea of green smoothies as a great way to make your greens go down “smoothlie” (or at all). They make a great breakfast or snack, are easy to digest, and can be packed with nutrients.

I highly recommend thawing the fruit you use or serving smoothie at room temperature, as cold drinks and food weaken the digestive fire over time.  Only give small amounts to your toddler or small child, as too much sweet can also weaken the digestive system.

The following is an excellent recipe to start with, of course, feel free to use your own variations.


1-1/4 cups coconut or almond milk

1-1/2 cups organic baby spinach leaves

1 cup pitted cherries or strawberries (room temp.)

1/2 banana

1 Tbsp unsweetened raw cacao powder

1/2 Tbsp honey or a few soaked raisins to taste


Blend milk and spinach together until leaves are incorporated and smooth. Add all other ingredients and blend until smooth, about a minute. Serve and enjoy!



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