Detox & Renewal: Acupuncture for a Magical Spring

Detox & Renewal

This spring with Cadie Federmeyer, LAc

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are powerful and magical ways to enhance your body’s ability to surrender the old of winter, detoxifying both body and heart-mind, so that you can follow the energy and symbols of spring:

Renewal: new growth and new beginnings
Planning: for the future and the planting of seeds
Movement: the longer, warmer days give energy for movement

Constitutional Chinese herbal formulas prescribed
for detox and renewal

Uniquely tailored acupuncture sessions with the addition of
specific detox protocols

What you can do at home:
Ancient wisdom for springtime diet and lifestyle

In addition to detox and renewal, current health issues are also addressed

Heart of the Forest Acupuncture accepts most health insurance plans. Please call the clinic to inquire if your benefits cover acupuncture.

Don’t have insurance that covers acupuncture? New patient springtime detox package: 3 sessions for $195 or 5 sessions for $320. Packages need to be purchased by May 31st, 2015. Sessions expire November 31st, 2015.

Call the clinic today at 738-7654.

To Your Health,


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