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  • What are you plugging into? Earth Day 2020

    It is Earth Day today and what a powerful way to remember that the earth’s body is your body. Your body is the Earth. We are in a deep crucible of transformation right now and wherever you are in this, is the right place. Be kind to yourself and gentle with all that is going on inside of you.

    It is the inward state of being, this feminine alignment with yourself, that you can tap into your spiritual roots that can help keep you in your center when the world around you is in a state of chaos and disintegration – the great and loving destructive power of Kali Ma, the Sacred Feminine Archetypal embodiment of the cycle of transformation. 

    The dissolving of the old to make room for the new. Part of the cycle of life. 

    Knowing this is an initiation, we can begin to make choices for ourselves. Ask questions. 

    What are you plugging into? What do you want to unplug from? Are you remembering that you can design your own boundaries? It’s easy to fall into having the same boundaries as those around you, but it might not be the highest good for you. Specifically, are you letting in too much news, facebook, etc?

    We can thrive during this time. Plugging into positivity, healing, and facing our demons and dragons that appear on this cultural and global initiation is a path to THRIVE.  We all have immeasurable creativity and innovation inside of us. To be open to what we don’t know. And to extend even more LOVE to ourselves, our families, communities and the Earth. How do you tap into your creativity? 

    Here’s some things that feel supportive to me and I hope they are to you too!

    Go inward. We do this by praying. Having alone time in nature. Spending quiet time reflecting. Meditating. Some call it listening and speaking to your higher power. 

    Extend the arms of love to yourself. And to others. The arms of love are acceptance, affection, attention, acknowledgement, appreciation, allowance, humor, play, gratitude 

    Go slow. Give yourself permission to rest.

    Evaluate what you are plugging into. You raise your vibration by plugging into positivity, healing, what lights you up. What helps you remember your soul, your ecstasy, your passion, your interconnection? 

    Extend the arms of Love to the earth.

    Earth changes are here to stay, and there is much you can do to build a sense of trust and wellbeing. Healthcare must include our relationship to the ecosystems of the planet – weaving a new paradigm of health that incorporates global climate change as well as social, cultural and environmental activism. Our health is reliant on the health of the Earth’s ecosystems and all beings. We are all interconnected. I invite you to join in the healthcare revolution that grows our sense of connection, reciprocity, and renewal of bonds between humans and the natural world. 

    Some invitations for you!

    I invite you to support the Earth by donating money to nonprofits that support environmental, social and cultural justice. Some of my favorites:

    Our local environmental activism non-profit, ReSources – one powerful organization taking a stand for

    Protecting the Salish Sea

    Climate Action

    Sustainability in Schools

    Fighting Pollution

    Freshwater Restoration

    Ending Waste

    And holding the vision of a Thriving Community!

    Other organizations I like to give to:

    Grandmothers Wisdom

    Rainforest Alliance

    Tree Sisters

    I carry in my heart a precious purpose… to help others remember how to align and attune to the rhythms and power flows of nature. It is so healing on so many levels and is truly what is being asked of us at this time. To return to the cycles of the seasons, the stars, the moon. To get in tune with our internal rhythms and to deepen our awareness of how the inner feminine and inner masculine dance within us. 

    I have an ebook and supported program that supports your alignment with the spring power flow. (I call it a power flow, because when you are connected to it, powerful healing and transformation can happen!) 20% of ebook proceeds get donated to non-profits. 

    Also,  we have created a free download called:


    May you be well during this time. 

    In thriving,

    Cadie Lynn