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Kundalini Dance + Wild Nature Practice

A 7-week transformational healing intensive

Tending the Fire of your Sexuality, Physical vitality, Love nature, Intuition, and Inner Warrior

What does it feel like to tap into the rising vital and erotic energy of spring time? What does our Sacred Erotic Self feel like?  How does she love? Who is she without all of the social and cultural programming and limiting beliefs? How can we free our vital life force and open our hearts to create our highest and best life?

In this deep healing intensive we will be exploring:

Merging with the POWER FLOWS of nature.



Is this course for me?

Do you want to gain tools and practices you can use anytime for your own self-healing? Do you value self-care, personal and spiritual growth? 

Feel excited (and maybe a little nervous) to engage in a community healing space?

Are you interested in exploring naturally induced higher states of consciousness?

Are you feeling called to explore the Sacred Feminine Mysteries and align with your feminine nature?

The returning to our Sacred Feminine nature and the reclaiming of Her rightful place and true recognition must be aligned with our acknowledgement and devotion of her Sacred Masculine partner. All Deities in Egypt have partners and children, to represent their power is strongest in unity.

Are you longing for more structure around cultivating your intuition and visionary gifts? 

In Kundalini dance we use dance, qigong, shaking, breathwork, sounding, visualization, prayer/intention, and a shamanic ritual space to enter altered states of consciousness so that we can bypass the conscious mind and go deeper into the subconscious and into our energy field. 

More about this Course:

Forging a Bond with the POWER FLOWS of nature.

We can call on the rising vital and erotic spring time energy of the Wood Element to tap into our embodiment of passion and our heart’s deep longings for our life and the Earth. This is the fuel for the fire that leads to the blooming of summer and the blooming of your heart’s rose. 


Energetic & Epigenetic. Exploring tantric teachings and practices that support a healthy sexuality linked with spirit. We will address our internalized patriarchal programming and explore Kundalini dance and chakra practices to deepen our sacred sexuality by 1) releasing shame, pain, fear, rejection, and self-hatred & 2) Calling home our power and love nature through embodied shamanic practice.


This means our visionary gifts, intuition, and “imaginal-shamanic sight”. A solo nature practice for those feeling a longing for more depth, aliveness, and intimacy with wild nature, both inner and outer.

What to expect from this course:

Each of the 7 modules contains: 

1) Chakra teaching and shamanic dance practice (in person)

2) An emailed chakra teaching to prepare you before the dance (3 days before)

3) An emailed wild nature + soulcraft™ practice that serves to create a bond between you and the power flows of nature as well as an experience to open your senses to your sacred feminine nature: intuitive, imaginative and visionary ways of receiving information. 

4) A journaling prompt to support your mind-body healing process

All the Details:

Intro to Kundalini Dance: Free Class

Monday, March 9th, 2020 @ 5-6:30pm


Eden Homestead Temple Space @ 5685 Sand Road, Bellingham WA

This is a 20 minute drive from downtown Bellingham.

**Classes begin March 16th, 2020**

3/16: Root chakra: welcoming trust, releasing fear

3/23: Sacral chakra: welcoming creatrix energy/ sexuality, releasing shame

3/30: Solar plexus: welcoming power, releasing low self-worth

4/6: Heart: welcoming self-love, offering forgiveness

4/13: Throat: welcoming voice, releasing suppression

4/20: Third eye: welcoming vision, releasing old stories

4/27: Crown: welcoming spiritual connection, releasing isolation 

Personal growth and transformation is a form of spiritual activism that supports the shifting of consciousness on our planet to a more loving, sustainable, and honoring culture. 

Registration or for more information please email Cadie at or 360-739-3414

About your Guide:

I am passionate about offering transformational experiences that empower you to embody your soul gifts, intuition, confidence, creativity, and trust in yourself and in Life. My desire is to lead you into your ecstatic awakening — to offer tools, practices, rituals, and compassionate guidance that inspire you to develop your own self-healing practices and cultivate your unique spirituality. I weave together healing traditions from around the world, including Chinese medicine, qigong, tantric arts, shamanism, somatic healing, and herbalism, to find an alchemical melding of ancient wisdom and modern science. 

I approach Kundalini dance as a fusion of ceremony, tantric breathwork, dance, devotional prayer, and qigong that vitalizes the mind-body-spirit as a whole, and cultivates self-awareness and self-love. It is not only about deepening intimacy with self, but also deepening intimacy with community and nature. We must have both right now: tending to our individual fires — our own healing and spiritual journeys — and rekindling the truth that we are interconnected and need one another. 

Our culture is sick with stress, anxiety, numbing, and an obsession with productivity that leads to exhaustion and emptiness. I believe our healing work is a potent form of awakening and activism that brings about cultural, social and environmental healing, both for our ancestral lines as well as future generations. I deeply believe that by healing ourselves — our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits — we help heal the Earth. I hope you will join me. 

Access intuitive states of consciousness and life sustaining practices that deepen your personal and spiritual growth, your connection to your supportive and loving ancestors, and to the natural world.
There are 2 components of this course:

5 Kundalini dance sessions +teachings
5 nature practices + teachings sent out each week via email

In kundalini dance we are altering our normal waking consciousness to enter a more ecstatic, relaxed and present intuitive and receptive state of being through ritual, breathwork, shaking, prayerwork, dance, sounding, qi gong, and visualization. 

We will move through one element (from Chinese medicine), it’s corresponding emotional pattern and the archetype that helps to resource this element. We will also talk about how each pattern can show up in a family line. Plus, we will discuss one new ancestral medicine teaching/practice per class. Please see the schedule below.

Deepen your connection to the elements through eco- and soul-centric practices in and with Nature. At your own pace and in your own time, these solo excursions support deeper communication with the subtle and unseen realms – including the messages and symbols from your soul and higher self, messages from your body, ancestors and guides, and from the Elements and alive intelligent beings of nature. 

All classes are Wednesdays from 5:30-7pm at Presence Studio::

Wood – Anger- Visionary:: November 13th
Fire – Joy/Lack of Joy – Healer, Wild Erotic Indigenous One :: November 20th
No Class Thanksgiving Week
Earth- Worry – Nurturing, Generative Adult:: December 4th
Metal/Mineral – Grief – Teacher, Dark Muse Beloved:: December 11th
Water – Fear – Warrior, the innocent, sage :: December 18th

Course Tuition is $100 or $22 drop-in
Please register by emailing Cadie @

Are you having symptoms of chronic stress or adrenal fatigue? Symptoms may include sleep issues, mood imbalances, low energy, caffeine addiction, temperature fluctuations, anxiety/depression, menstrual cycle imbalances, sugar and/or salt cravings, digestive issues.

Join me for a 7 week series of Jin Jing Gong lineage Qigong with a special focus on healing the endocrine glands, restoring the body’s natural rhythms and cycles, and strengthening your immune system for the upcoming winter.

This series will take place outside (under the gazebo if raining), as a way to not only allow the energy of nature to heal and support us, but also as a way to help our bodies remember how to self-regulate in the cold and damp months. Qigong will help us to cultivate our “inner fire” that warms the whole body and is responsible for healthy adrenal function.

  • Breath, sound and color therapy
  • 5 Element and organ practices
  • Activating the inner warrior spirit
  • Building strength & resiliency
  • Access new levels of vitality & peace

50% off when you sign up with a friend by August 31st, 2019 $45 each

Offering $90

Drop- in $18

Adrenal & Thyroid Wellness Program

Fall Series: Kundalini Dance for Transformational Healing in Community

A 7 week journey through the Chakras, open to all! 

Intro Class: Wednesday, September 4th, 2019, 530-7pm @ presence studio

7 Sessions: Wednesday, September 11th – November 6th, 2019, 5:30-7pm @ presence studio

Balance Your feminine & masculine energies. 

Safe, shamanic ritual container for alchemical transformation.

Tantric breathwork and qigong. 

Ecstatic Dance, embodied soulful movement.

Archetype & Deep Imagery Work.

*Dancing not required, just a willingness to be present in your body. There are variations to this practice that incorporate shaking, breathing and movement. Sometimes your movement is quite small and may not look like dancing at all – so if you are interested in this kind of healing modality, do not let the “dance” part keep you from attending!*


$70 each if you sign up with a friend by August 25th.

$100 Early Bird by September 5th

$140 Regular for Series or $22 per class

::Schedule of classes::

September 4: Intro Class (by donation)

September 11: Root Chakra

September 18: Sacral Chakra

September 25: Solar Plexus

October 2: No Class

October 9: Heart Chakra

October 16: Throat Chakra

October 23: no class

October 30: 3rd Eye

November 6: Crown Chakra

What is Kundalini Dance?

In Kundalini Dance sessions, we apply dance, breathwork, sound and energy healing as tools for transformation, purification and spiritual activation. We explore dance, as both a spiritual practice and a transpersonal and transformational healing modality.