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Are you having symptoms of chronic stress or adrenal fatigue? Symptoms may include sleep issues, mood imbalances, low energy, caffeine addiction, temperature fluctuations, anxiety/depression, menstrual cycle imbalances, sugar and/or salt cravings, digestive issues.

Join me for a 7 week series of Jin Jing Gong lineage Qigong with a special focus on healing the endocrine glands, restoring the body’s natural rhythms and cycles, and strengthening your immune system for the upcoming winter.

This series will take place outside (under the gazebo if raining), as a way to not only allow the energy of nature to heal and support us, but also as a way to help our bodies remember how to self-regulate in the cold and damp months. Qigong will help us to cultivate our “inner fire” that warms the whole body and is responsible for healthy adrenal function.

  • Breath, sound and color therapy
  • 5 Element and organ practices
  • Activating the inner warrior spirit
  • Building strength & resiliency
  • Access new levels of vitality & peace

50% off when you sign up with a friend by August 31st, 2019 $45 each

Offering $90

Drop- in $18

Adrenal & Thyroid Wellness Program

Fall Series: Kundalini Dance for Transformational Healing in Community

A 7 week journey through the Chakras, open to all! 

Intro Class: Wednesday, September 4th, 2019, 530-7pm @ presence studio

7 Sessions: Wednesday, September 11th – November 6th, 2019, 5:30-7pm @ presence studio

Balance Your feminine & masculine energies. 

Safe, shamanic ritual container for alchemical transformation.

Tantric breathwork and qigong. 

Ecstatic Dance, embodied soulful movement.

Archetype & Deep Imagery Work.

*Dancing not required, just a willingness to be present in your body. There are variations to this practice that incorporate shaking, breathing and movement. Sometimes your movement is quite small and may not look like dancing at all – so if you are interested in this kind of healing modality, do not let the “dance” part keep you from attending!*


$70 each if you sign up with a friend by August 25th.

$100 Early Bird by September 5th

$140 Regular for Series or $22 per class

::Schedule of classes::

September 4: Intro Class (by donation)

September 11: Root Chakra

September 18: Sacral Chakra

September 25: Solar Plexus

October 2: No Class

October 9: Heart Chakra

October 16: Throat Chakra

October 23: no class

October 30: 3rd Eye

November 6: Crown Chakra

What is Kundalini Dance?

In Kundalini Dance sessions, we apply dance, breathwork, sound and energy healing as tools for transformation, purification and spiritual activation. We explore dance, as both a spiritual practice and a transpersonal and transformational healing modality.