Acupuncture & Herbs

I believe that we must attempt to understand all of the factors in one’s life that are contributing to a person’s current state of dis-ease. What about the way we’re living, strong feelings or attitudes that may be related to the illness, or whether life has meaning?

The Body is a Temple, sacred and beloved, our home and how we bring our Love and sense of belonging to our body can transform our entire relationship with our Universe.

Pain and disease can be physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. Often times, it transcends these borders and penetrates many layers of our being.

Within the whole-person model, I address: work, home and family, relationships, diet and exercise, self-care, spiritual and creative life, and life dreams.

If our vital energy is blocked or depleted, the result is pain and illness. With Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, you and I can form a team to effectively treat the underlying imbalance, as well as alleviate symptoms.  Acupuncture can help by removing physical, energetic, and emotional blockages in the body, re-kindling the life force, centering the shen (spirit), and balancing the whole system.

Tools that I commonly use in practice are:

  • Acupuncture needles
  • Moxibustion
  • cupping
  • shiatsu massage and acupressure
  • hands-on energy work
  • aromatherapy
  • flower essences
  • Chinese Herbal therapy

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine excel at treating acute and chronic pain.

This can include sports injuries, accidents, post-operative pain, cancer pain or discomfort from chemotherapy and radiation, and chronic pain from surgery or injury in the distant past. Treatment with acupuncture can be a primary form of pain treatment and management and can help avoid surgery and/or pharmaceutical medications.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine excel at treating acute and chronic diseases.

Though less commonly known, acupuncture can treat such things as the common cold, flu, and ear infections. Modern research and clinical reports are supporting the efficacy of natural medicine in the care of people with chronic disease.  Acupuncture can alleviate common complaints like stress, sleep issues, mood, and low energy, as well as help address physical and emotional trauma.

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“Cadie provides a level of care and attention that is truly a healing experience. Her intuition, skill, and wisdom allow her to locate root causes and address the deeper issues for healing. Her treatments and vast array of tools have transformed my quality of life. If you are wanting to become holistically well, she is able to journey there with you.” ~K.S.

“I started seeing Cadie about a year ago. I didn’t have a lot of experience with acupuncture or TCM- I believe Cadie has given me some of the best care I have ever experienced by a health care provider. Cadie is compassionate, diligent, but gentle in her delivery. It feels good that she is not just concerned about the symptoms but treats the whole body and get to the root problem. I am finally getting to an overall healthy balance in my life. I just wish I had started seeing Cadie 20 years ago!” ~R.M.

“I had considerable neck pain that wasn’t going away with massage or chiropractic care. Acupuncture from Cadie gave me significant relief after the first session and it soon went away with a few more treatments. Cadie is gentle, thoughtful and very skilled. She listened to me very closely during each session and provided healing for physical pain and digestive issues. I look forward to each appointment knowing I will leave feeling better.” ~J.K.