What I treat

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can treat a wide variety of conditions and through modern research and clinical outcomes, is proving to be a very effective alternative to western medicine. I have had positive outomes with a diverse array of conditions, but focus my research and continuing education on the following specialties in order to provide high quality care.



Acupuncture can treat both acute and chronic pain conditions. Quality care is achieved by treating the root cause of imbalance as well as any symptoms that are present with a wide array of tools that also include adjuncts to acupuncture like moxibustion, cupping and herbal medicine.
5 Ways That Acupuncture Treats Pain:

-Breaks up scar tissue
Promotes blood circulation
-Stimulates the immune system
-Relaxes muscles and tendons
-Produces endorphins, natural pain killers


Women’s Health

I absolutely love working with women in all stages of life. From the beginning years of adolescence and early womanhood to pregnancy and menopause, there is so much wisdom and healing that is both practical and spiritual within the realm of Chinese medicine.Practitioner-Pulse3

I assist women in regulating their cycles and balancing the whole body to:

-relieve pain associated with the menstrual cycle
-support the body to heal from ovarian cysts,uterine fibroids
-assist in increasing fertility
-alleviate PMS and other mental/emotional disharmony

I treat women who are pregnant to help alleviate discomforts in pregnancy like

-morning sickness
-back pain

Post-Natal Care: giving birth can deplete our qi, blood and fluids and it is very important to replenish the system with the powerful herbs that countless generations of women have used before us! This can assist in better lactation, more energy and vitality, and mood stabilization. It can also treat symptoms of insomnia, depression/anxiety, and other post-natal issues.

Menopause symptoms are treated well with regular acupuncture and herbs. Reduce or eliminate hot flashes
anxiety/depression, restless sleep and insomnia, loss of energy, thyroid and adrenal imblances, osteoporosis, and more.



Acupuncture for kids is a growing holistic modality in the United States and is a gentle, safe, and natural approach to treating your child’s condition.

A full evaluation of your child’s health is taken into account:

  • Physical Health: sleep, energy, digestion, immune function
  • Diet
  • Environment & toxic load
  • Emotional well-being

Pediatric 5To treat children, I most frequently use “no needle” acupuncture called Shonishin*, pediatric tuina massage, nutritional guidance, and herbs. Sometimes, pediatric acupuncture with hair thin needles are used.

But, don’t worry…

-Acupuncture for kids is virtually painless

-For young children a rapid needling technique is used, where the needle is inserted and immediately taken out

-Babies and children do not have to sit still for more than a few seconds at a time.


Allergies, asthma, anxiety, ADHD, autism

Coughs, colds, ear infections, eczema

Tummy aches, constipation, diarrhea

Headaches, body pain, and more

*About Pediatric Shonishin: it is a gentle, non-invasive form of Japanese acupuncture for children and does not use needles like the ones commonly associated with adult acupuncture, but various tools that are used to gently activate acupuncture points and energy channels.


Through the stimulation of acupuncture points, the body is prompted through various physiological and qi processes, to enter a state of deep relaxation.

-Specific acupuncture points have been shown to stimulate white blood cells and increase production of red blood cells – this helps in the destruction of viruses and bacteria.

-Chinese medicine has a unique diagnostic system that allows for the detection and treatment of subtle imbalances in the body. This helps to prevent illness before it begins.

-Balancing the body-mind and strengthening deficiencies allows our internal healing mechanisms to function optimally.


Emotional Health & Stress Reduction

Acupuncture is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritually oriented therapy that can help to:

-remove emotional gunk

-bring unresolved emotional states to the surface

-harmonize superficial emotional states

-alleviate feelings of anxiety and depression

-address poor concentration, poor memory and low self-esteem

Acupuncture allows the body to enter into a state of deep relaxation where we can access feelings of well-being that last for hours or days after treatment. Over time, consistent acupuncture can positively and permanently alter one’s stress response.

Digestive Disorders

Through acupuncture, nutrition guidance and Chinese herbal formulas, even the most complex digestive issues can be navigated and understood with lasting results. A healthy digestive system is the cornerstone to a vital and happy you!

Oncology Support

At Heart of the Forest Acupuncture, I provide adjunct treatments for people undergoing a variety of different cancer therapies. In addition to addressing the side-effects of conventional cancer care like dry mouth, nausea, fatigue, and pain, acupuncture can postively impact blood cell count and overall immunity. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine also help to relieve anxiety, depression and other negative emotional states often coinciding with cancer diagnosis and treatment.