Healing Programs

“… a recent study in Princeton, New Jersey, has shown that when committed groups of people set intentions together, they’re six times more likely to manifest what they’re focused on.” ~Claire Zammit

If you are looking for support with your health in a focused, intentional way, in community and with one on one attention, please sign up for my adrenal and thyroid focus wellness program.

To sign up, schedule your first office visit for Acupuncture by choosing The Adrenal Wellness Program. After you schedule you will be sent a welcome letter and invoice for the program. If you would like to use your insurance for acupuncture sessions, the program will be pro- rated to reflect your insurance’s contribution.

The 3 keys to healing in my wellness program:

  1. Qigong in community. Learn self-care practices that will be with you to integrate into your daily life long after the program is complete. The power of working towards healing in a group lends a special kind of support, many people working together towards a similar goal is exponentially more powerful than one alone. Qigong is an ancient energy-nature based exercise and healing practice that is known to transform illness and bring balance, harmony, inner peace, clarity, and vital life energy.
  2. 1:1 sessions for specialized attention. Acupuncture on a regular basis can transform your health. By treating your underlying constitution and unique “pattern imbalances” through tongue and pulse diagnostics and symptoms, we can support your physiology to shift back to vitality.
  3. Diet, Herbal Formula & superfoods. An in-depth consult to dial in additional support for you healing journey.

I believe that part of the reason we are so tired, that our adrenals are overworked and we suffer from various and seemingly unrelated symptoms of chronic stress, is due to our lack of feeling supported in such a high-volume, fast-paced culture. Working towards greater vitality and feelings of aliveness and well-being are greatly enhanced through a support network. Joining this program offers a new model of healing that includes this great necessity our time – communion and relationship.

This intimate group will also be connected through a secret FB page so that relationships can grow and the healing journey can continue. This is a great place to share your story, your struggles, your inspirations, experiences and questions. I will be monitoring this page and try to answer or respond to questions as I can.

The program will be limited to 8 participants.

The rates for this group program are as follows:

Sign up with a friend by August 31st: $525 each

Early Bird by August 31st: $555

Regular: $575

What you get:

1 First office Visit for Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine (90 minutes)

+ 4 Follow-up Acupuncture visits (60 minutes)

+1 Diet & herbal Consult (60 minutes)

7 weeks of qigong @ once per week

Community + FB group for continued dialogue and focused healing work