Transformational Healing Circle

Intuitive Development

Energy Body Mastery

Soul Care

Sexual Self-Healing

Evolutionary Wellness

Personal Growth + Activism

Next Circle runs March 20th- June 26th, 2021 (8 classes)

In-person, Bi-weekly, Saturdays 10am-12:30

Small cohort capped at 7 people

Location: 1922 James Street, Bellingham, WA 98225 (Heart of the Forest Wellness center)

Commitment: 3 monthly payments of $111, or 1 payment $333

Come to the first Class on March 20th for a drop-in, sliding-scale rate of $10-$40. No strings attached, come check it out and meet me + the group that is forming! If you want to do this, please email me at to RSVP, for there is limited space!

What is this circle all about?

Working with the principles of TRANSFORMATIONAL HEALING -this healing circle supports YOU to gain the skills, practices and inner awareness to transform life-long, ancestral, and karmic patterns and create the foundations for a heart + soul centric life.

Tapping your inner CREATIVE SPARK for transformation – Learn ancient inner alchemy practices that include teachings and practices from qigong, tantric energy work, kundalini chakra practice and shamanism.

What it means to be soul-satiated and getting cozy with your inner SOUL GUIDE – we reach for things outside of us to satiate a thirst that is only wetted by soul and spirit level nourishment. We let our soul guide lead us by tapping into the language of the soul – we let the body and nervous system tell us, we open our channel to the flow of dreaming and visionary states. We go deeper and deeper inside though the art of tracking.

Intuitive Development through practices in cultivating clairvoyance, clairsentience/empathy, clairaudience, claircognizance, and psychometry.

Council + Vulnerability – we co-create safe space by gently opening ourselves to the healing we are calling in. We find our own footing through sharing and being vulnerable with where we are in our journey. We allow ourselves to be witnessed, seen and heard which activates a powerful healing force. We tap into the exponential power of a group of individuals coming together with a similar intention.

Upgrade your personal and spiritual growth by leaning how to work with your energy body and the unseen realms – learn the fundamentals of calling in sacred space, working with allies and guides, energy clearing and calling home your power. Whether you are working on physical health issues or emotional ones, or if you have had enough of a job that holds no heart and meaning for you or you feel unsatisfied and unhappy in your relationship(s), tuning into the body, the energetic, and the unseen realms opens you up to an incredible amount of power, love energy, resources and wisdom

Embodiment! Accessing the “issues in the tissues” – Sacred Somatics + Embodied Shamanic Discovery. Transform shame, fear, rage, sadness, anxiety, depression, guilt, smallness, low self worth into vitality, creativity, authenticity, and the fuel to live your highest life.

WARRIOR work to activate the courage needed to do the DEEP WORK of self-actualization – the warrior is the counterpart to the healer. We learn the qualities and practices of both these archetypes + an introduction to the other two archetypes – the Visionary and the Teacher/Priestess via teachings from The Four-Fold Way by Angeles Arrien. 

SELF-LEADERSHIP in a time of polarity and failing global leadership. Are you interested in taking steps away from cultural norms and unplugging from habits and patterns grounded in fear and negativity? How do we feed what has heart and meaning and what is good true and beautiful within our own nature?

Curating your own DAILY PRACTICE – making time for daily practice is something that brings up the theme of values and priorities. We get to look at what we prioritize in our life, refine the energies of our life by cutting out and releasing what is not working and calling in the things that are in alignment with our soul purpose and life dream.

When we decide to do our inner work – to make a soul choice and commit to a path of evolutionary healthcare, self-discovery and deep healing, it is necessary to have certain resources on board – both inner and outer- in order to deal with what comes up for us. Learn the specific resources that are needed and practices that keep you tethered to your core.

Sexual energy is creative life force energy. Our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing are connected to our sexuality and our capacity for pleasure . Clearing blocks to our sexual energy and therefore our creativity and vitality, we activate a new level of magnetism + dynamism, our capacity to let go of control, our capacity for presence, authenticity and our wild selves.

Are you….

A Highly sensitive person? Shy or sensitive?

An activist, an artist, a healer? Seeking a path of inner work and spiritual growth?

Easily overwhelmed by being too busy, by bright lights, strong smells, loud noises? Affected by other people’s moods or vibes? Do you startle easily? Nervous system seem frazzled, are you easily rattled by haveing a lot to do in a short time?

Aware of subtleties in the environment?

Are you an established or aspiring healer or coach, health practitioner, bodyworker, energy worker, or counselor 

Or are you on your healing journey and are ready to further cultivate your intuition, visionary gifts, connection to source and higher guidance? 

Are you an empath?

Do you wish you had more understanding and tools to clear and balance your energy body (for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing)?

Are you feel called to do ancestral healing? 

Are you interested in personal and spritual growth and how it relates to social, cultural and environmental justice, healing and activism? 

Are you looking for healthcare that is soul-care and traverses spirit, sex, and energy?

Course Cirriculum

Healing Circle will have council and sharing as a significant aspect our time together. We tap into the collective wisdom and support each other and ourselves by our vulnerability. Learning from Practice is the second part that will hold us as we gain skills and tools for self-healing and inner work. Lastly, the teachings will come both from the cirriculum listed below, but also from the flow of what shows up with the group that forms. The modules listed below could honestly fill an entire year of cirruculum! So we will be using this more as a guide and listening to what wants to be worked with. Yay!

flight landscape nature sky

Module 1: Anatomy of a Sacred + Sensual Life


Making Soul-level Commitments

Storytelling & Cosmology

Daily Practice Foundations

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Module 2: House of Wu

Invoking Sacred Space + Ritual

Animist Paradigm

Intuitive Development + Opening your Channel

Working with the unseen realms

Meeting your guides and allies in the spirit world

scenic view of mountain during daytime

Module 3: Elemental Resiliency + Energy Body Mastery

Working with the 5 Elements

The energy mindset

Your MythoPoetic Anatomy

Energy clearing, self-healing and intuition

Bridging energy, intuition and Nature

woman relaxing in yoga mat

Module 4: Sacred Somatics

Learn the art of somatic self-healing (an introduction)

Calling your power home  with the Drum

Clearing your energy field with the Rattle

round grey and black compass

Module 5: Shapeshifting with Archetypes

Your Inner Compass

Warrior, healer, teacher, visionary

Working with archetypes of the Divine Feminine & Masculine

Intro to soul care + safely  healing trauma with 3 major Archetypes

mountain range

Module 6: Ancestral Connection + Healing

Welcoming in Ancestral Wellbeing

Working with your Bright & Well Ancestors 

Epigenetic Research

Social, Cultural & Environmental Justice 

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Module 7: Living an Orgasmic Life

Unearthing your Creatrix – creativity is the new currency

Feel good neurotransmitters & your sacred anatomy 

The yin and yang of Pleasure & Pain 

Sexual Self-Healing with Tantra

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Module 8: Closing Circle

Initiation + commitments

Wholing is a process of cultivating the resources of self in order to be able to do the deep psychological healing required to become “truly loving, highly creative people contributing to the world.” -Bill Plotkin

You are invited and guided to reclaim your Feminine Powers…

Your intuition, your erotic nature, your elemental resiliency

Meet your Facilitator

Hey there Beautiful Ones!

I am an activist for radically awake, erotically engaged, spiritually embodied, and soulfully led humans. 

Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Shamanic practitioner, Initiated Priestess & certified Kundalini Dance facilitator , she weaves the  lineages of Asian medicine & Qigong, the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries, & Cross-cultural Earth-Spirit Ceremonial Traditions into her classes, courses, ceremonies and one-on-one healing work. Cadie is a leather crafter, jewelry maker, poet, writer, lover of water journeys and wilderness walker.

I believe our deep inner healing work is a potent form of awakening and activism that brings about cultural, social and environmental justice. By healing ourselves — our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits — we help heal the Earth. I hope you will join me.