Transformational Healing Circle

Transformational healing circle supports you to gain the skills, practices and inner awareness to transform life-long, ancestral, and karmic patterns and create the foundations for a heart + soul centric life.

Circle runs September 12th- December 5th, 2020 (7 classes)

In-person, Bi-weekly, 10am-noon

Small cohort capped at 7 people

Location TBD

Commitment: $40/class, 3 monthly payments of $80, or 1 payment $225

Course schedule coming soon

Life Force Energy is Creative Energy. When we tune into creating our lives from our core and owning our truth, we take our power back from the negativity and fear that keep us “reliant” on things that are outside of us. 

What is this circle all about?

Tapping your inner CREATIVE SPARK for transformation

What it means to be soul-satiated and getting cozy with your inner SOUL GUIDE

Working with the principles of TRANSFORMATIONAL HEALING

Upgrade your Personal growth and inner-discovery with ancient INNER ALCHEMY PRACTICES

Transform shame, fear, rage, sadness, anxiety, depression, guilt, smallness, low self worth into vitality, creativity, authenticity, and the fuel to live your highest life.

WARRIOR work to activate the courage needed to do the DEEP WORK of self-actualization 


Support your transformation with plants medicines and superfoods.

Soul Repair: Wholing + Healing

Wholing is a process of cultivating the resources of self in order to be able to do the deep psychological healing required to become “truly loving, highly creative people contributing to the world.” -B. Plotkin

Learn how to safely engage in healing trauma, wounding and fragmentation. Through resourcing with archetypes and inter-family dynamics, we can learn to navigate our inner landscape, support our “inner child” and reclaim never before accessed energies that really serve to stabilize, free, uplift, expand and mature us! This has been one of the most powerful and effective long-term self-healing strategy I have worked with and can attest to it as a path in and of itself. 

We will also cover the Anatomy of Shock and Trauma – nervous system basics and how to identify the impacts of trauma on the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems.

Spirit + Ritual

I teach and guide you in cross-cultural shamanic, animist and Earth-based spirituality practices that support the healing journey as well as are keys to intuitive and visionary development. I share practices that keep me uplifted and connected to Source, Self, and Earth.

Even if you are not called to explore an earth-based spiritual practice, my hope is that it will inspire you to weave your own spirituality into your life in a way that is a practice that has heart and meaning for you and that creates a deeper resiliency. A healthy and strong spirit is so important a relationship to your overall health and vitality.

Learn how to work with the rattle, the drum, alters, calling in sacred space, working shamanically with the elements, spirit realm – guides, ancestors and animals, and cross-cultural teachings of the medicine wheel.

I share practices from qigong, kundalini chakra healing, and other self-care healthcare and esoteric practices that upgrade your vitality, deepen your sensitivity, and cultivate your power. Through the years I have learned from many different traditions and have woven them together to create a synergy that I call Transformational Healing. TH has it’s roots in

  • *The ancient mystery schools + esoteric inner alchemy practices
  • *Chinese medicine
  • *Cross-cultural animist-shamanic traditions + Earth-based spirituality
  • *Tantra + Sacred feminine temple arts
  • + contemporary teachings from cutting edge research in Epigenetics, Neuroscience, and Quantum Science
  • + modern (r)evolutionary wellness modalities

You are invited and guided to reclaim your

Feminine Powers…

Your intuition, your erotic nature, your elemental resiliency

Let’s make something beautiful together.