1:1 Transformational Mentorship Program

Aligned Feminine, Evolved Masculine

A commitment to you.

Registration opens August 3rd, 2020!

1:1 Mentorship sessions are guided by Spirit and are a synergy of intuitive and visionary guidance + mentoring + shamanic energy healing. One of the keys to deep healing work is the ability to read and interpret the subtle energy of your body and your life. We work to bring subconscious and hidden layers into the light to be transformed. I do this with you as well as guide you on how to do it on our own.

By accessing the mental realm, the feeling realm and the soul realm, as well as working with the physical body, energy body and nervous system, together we create a truly holistic session that completes with homework, practices, tools and creative solutions.

Mentorship is a special relationship that supports you in living a full and meaningful life.

“Human consciousness is too complex to not have a model of healthcare that honors our multi-dimensionality.”

Are you looking for something beyond therapy or counseling that

deepens soul wellness,

activates your creative life force energy,

your sense of belonging to self, Source, and Earth

your authentic wild-woman voice + “give no fucks” self-expression

and your life dream?

Are you seeking something even deeper than life coaching?

Transformational healing delivers us into radical conversations and avant garde practices

that enliven your spirituality + sexuality + inner soul life

You are invited and guided to reclaim your

Feminine Powers….

your intuition + your erotic nature + your elemental resiliency




Are you….

A Highly sensitive person? Shy or sensitive?

An activist, an artist, a healer? Seeking a path of inner work and spiritual growth?

Easily overwhelmed by being too busy, by bright lights, strong smells, loud noises? Affected by other people’s moods or vibes? Do you startle easily? Nervous system seem frazzled, are you easily rattled by haveing a lot to do in a short time?

Aware of subtleties in the environment?

Are you an established or aspiring healer or coach, health practitioner, bodyworker, energy worker, or counselor 

Or are you on your healing journey and are ready to further cultivate your intuition, visionary gifts, connection to source and higher guidance? 

Are you an empath?

Do you wish you had more understanding and tools to clear and balance your energy body (for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing)?

Are you feel called to do ancestral healing? 

Are you interested in personal and spritual growth and how it relates to social, cultural and environmental justice, healing and activism? 

Are you looking for healthcare that is soul-care and traverses spirit, sex, and energy?

Build inner resources by IGNITING your Warrior + Priest/ess + Healer + Visionary

Become fluent in a new language: the language of your soul.

Guided Inner Work: Address your subconscious programming from family, culture and karma to rewire your mind-body dynamics, the story you tell, and the core beliefs that are really running the show. Learning to access and heal trauma without re-traumatizing.

I believe life is a creative + courageous pilgrimage of self-actualization.

1:1 Mentorship Commitment

Program begins September 2020 and runs through May 2021

9 months and 10 sessions – via zoom or in-person

1 Introductory Session at 90 minutes

Plus 9 1:1 Transformational Healing + Mentorship @ 90 minutes 1x/month

Optional check-ins via email correspondence for additional support @ 1x/month

+Each session will end with your practices, reading, and homework to support your work until the next session.

+Join online courses for 50% off within 1 year of beginning mentorship

+Bonus material on Chakra detox, kundalini meditation, and somatic self-healing

To register:

Send me an email at heartoftheforestacupuncture@gmail.com and we can set up a free phone consultation!

Transformation is a way of life. And with the global crises on many fronts, we, as humans, must call to our warrior spirits and our (r)evolutionary gifts of adaptation, innovation, healing and collaboration.

Transformational wellness is a (r)evolutionary choice and committment. It’s about being and becoming radically awake. To remember what is sacred and how to again walk in a sacred way on the planet. It is a commitment to make good medicines from your gifts.

Transformational healing + mentoring with me has it’s roots in

the ancient mystery schools, esoteric inner alchemy practices, Chinese medicine, cross-cultural animist-shamanic traditions, Earth-based spirituality, sacred feminine temple arts + tantra.

weaving together with these ancient traditions to create true holistic healing:

+ contemporary teachings from cutting edge research in Epigenetics, Neuroscience, and Quantum Science

+ modern (r)evolutionary wellness modalities

What does transformational healing + mentorship look like?

Sessions are a synergy of conversation and dialogue which includes creative and intuitive coaching + some form of body-based healing including somatic healing, shamanic healing or energy work. Sessions always conclude with the major take-home messages, practices , tools and/or resources to continue the work and integration between sessions. By addressing challenges and supporting dreams and goals in a multi-dimensional way, one can move through and transform with greater ease, grace, and efficiency. Themes we may work with include:

Establishing a daily practice

Exploring your personal cosmology and inter family dynamics

Working with ritual and energy

Support with physical health issues

Dream work

Cleansing your energy field + soul repair

Ancestral healing and repair

Creative solutions for ongoing “middle world” challenges

Building foundations + structures for life dreams and soul work

To Register:

Email me to set up a free phone consultation @ heartoftheforestacupuncture@gmail.com

*Program begins September 2020 and runs through May 2021, & its possible to skip months and extend to a 12 month period.

Creativity as the new currency.

Awakening Eros in all parts of your life.

Healing your sexuality.

Releasing shame, guilt, pain, fear and trauma from the tissues, organs, and psyche.

Calling the soul home and activating your womb wisdom.

The Mayans say we are shifting from an era where “time is money” into a new cycle permeated by “time is art”!

Creativity is life force energy. We use art as ritual and let the muse work us, opening to our own unique expressions. I invite you to become the artist of your own life.

Mentorship pairs well with Kundalini Dance

Cultivating your Inner Healer + Warrior, you become an activist for your dreams. And by acting on your dreams, you become an activist for the Earth.

Deep inner healing work is a form of environmental, cultural and social justice.

Come learn how going inside makes you more resilient and vitally capable of stepping into your power, vision and love for the Earth so you can take the actions the planet is asking from you. The Earth, She is Speaking….

Mentorship pairs well with Healing Circle

Creativity as your master currency and mastery of self as key to living your highest life.

Highest Health is defined by self-actualization, self-leadership, and self-love.

We cannot achieve our own heights or touch our own depths as an individual without equality, respect for all beings, and re-sacralizing our experience of  life.

The earth is changing, culture is changing. Are you feeling called to shapeshift the old paradigm and programming AND embody the new codes for a loving and peaceful Earth?

1:1 Mentorship Energy Exchange

Paid in full by August 30th, 2020: $1,160 (20% off regular rates)

3 Installments: $411 (15% off, for a total of $1,233)

9 monthly installments: $145 (10% off and equivalent to 1 free session , total of $1,305)

12 monthly installments: $121 (total of $1,450)

To Register: Email me at heartoftheforestacupuncture@gmail.com and we can set up a free phone consultation!

Ancestral & Epigenetic Healing

Our connection to our ancestors and our epigenetic lineage, and our capacity for brutal honesty about the basic foundations of lives. Transmuting internalized oppression, shame, fear, guilt, low self-worth, anger and rage, depression, anxiety, cultural and social wounding that is living in our bodies and that directly affects the external world through superiority/inferiority, sexism, racism, disconnection from nature and exploitation of the nature world, egocentrism, and suppression/exploitation of sexuality.

Aligned Feminine, Evolved Masculine

Most every ancient wisdom tradition and lineage of medicine or ancestral cosmology has the story of the Sacred Feminine & Sacred Masculine. Known by many names, yin-yang, Shakti-Shiva, Mother Earth-Father Sky, Upper World-Lower World, the forces of the universe are always trying to balance these polarities. When the Feminine within us is Aligned, we are open channels for creative life force and divine and earthly energy to flow through us. We are aligned of heart, mind, body and action. The evolved masculine is beyond ego but still knows how to take action and make our inner world and gifts manifest in the outer.

LOVE: The key to success in life!

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~Rumi