Kundalini Dance

A Sacred Feminine practice in awakening.

Series begins March 23rd, 2021

Registration opens March 2nd, 2021

Why do this practice?

Are you interested in self-expression through an embodiment practice? Dancing is encouraged, but this practice is about moving your body in ways that break out of old patterns, cultivates vital energy, and supports your resiliency to the stresses of life.

Are you wanting to learn more about your kundalini energy and how to work with your energy body? We combine many ways to heal and transform via EMBODIMENT PRACTICE, ENERGY BODY PRACTICE, AND VISIONARY/SOUL BODY PRACTICE!

Do you want to plug into a sacred feminine portal that invites the inner state of self-generated ecstasy for healing, transformation and wellbeing?

Do you want to plug into your sexual-self on a more regular basis and begin the process of healing your sexual body in a safe and healthy way?

Would you like a structured and effective format for self-healing on your own schedule?

I use these practices regularly and especially when I need mental and emotional support or need to move emotional energy through my body.

I use it when I’m triggered, ungrounded, overly grounded, exhausted, or not sleeping well.

I use these practices when I’m feeling bad about myself, having slimy self-talk or when I’m mad at the world.

And I use them when I want to get inspire and plug back into my erotic nature, my grace and beauty of womanhood, my sensual, creative self, or when I need creative fuel for a project.

Working with the earth and cosmic energies, and the energy- bod— ways of moving and cultivating power and love, we take our confidence, impact, prosperity, creative projects, sexuality, relationships and life purpose to the next level!

What to expect from this course:

This course runs 8 weeks including a free intro class on March 23rd, 2021. Just email me at heartoftheforestacupuncture@gmail.com or message me at 360-739-3414 to get yourself on the first zoom call.

There are 3 parts to this course:

  1. An emailed chakra teaching to prepare you before the dance. It’s important to read over and have time to reflect on the energy of each chakra so that you can sink in to your inner work and intention for each ceremony.
  2. A LIVE Kundalini Dance Session every week via Zoom with access to recordings. Each video practice will build on the previous and will be a journey up the chakras from root to crown.
  3. A link to a Spotify music playlist for each chakra dance, for use in your own practice time.
  4. An emailed wild nature + soulcraft™ practice to support the integration of each KD session. These invitations serve you in creating a bond with the power flows of nature as well as an experience to open your senses to your sacred feminine nature: intuitive, imaginative and visionary ways of receiving information. 
  5. A private facebook group for sharing, community and questions.


3/23: Intro Class (by donation, come check it out!)

3/30: Root chakra: welcoming trust, releasing fear

4/6: Sacral chakra: welcoming creatrix energy/ sexuality, releasing shame

4/13: Solar plexus: welcoming power, releasing low self-worth

4/20: Heart: welcoming self-love, offering forgiveness

4/27: Throat: welcoming voice, releasing suppression

5/4: Third eye: welcoming vision, releasing old stories

5/11: Crown: welcoming spiritual connection, releasing isolation 

What is Kundalini Dance?

Kundalini Dance is ecstatic dance meets tantric breathwork meets BIOMYSTICAL healing. A ritual space for soul- level transformation where you gain tools for cleansing your energy body, nervous system and emotional body + energetic activation of your innate powers, gifts, and resources. Every time you enter the kundalini dance field, even through pre-recorded videos, you are still entering sacred transformational space.

“Ecstasy is a transformational force, which can vibrate all of our cells into resonance with the Universal field. All our behavioural blueprints are encoded in the physical body, in the DNA and RNA of all the cells in our body. We can shift our unconscious fear-based behavioural patterns by embodying states of higher consciousness and emotion that are in harmony with the Universal field. These states are compassion, love, ecstasy and joy. Fear cannot exist in a body that is vibrating ecstatically. It only knows union. This is the transformational alchemy of ecstasy.” ~ Leyolah Antara, Founder and Master Teacher of Kundalini Dance

  • We apply dance, breathwork, sound, qigong, visualization and energy healing as tools for transformation, purification and spiritual activation.
  • This dance can be explored as a spiritual practice as well as a transpersonal and transformational healing modality. Inner work, self-healing and your soul path blend into one.
  • Kundalini Dance is an ancient, future, tantric shamanic dance practice that blends the Ancient Egyptian and Cross-Cultural Mystery teachings as a healing path that also serves to awaken one’s innate healing gifts, intuitive capacities and other higher states of love and power
  • The Chakras are ancient mappings of the energy body that act as portals into our physical body, psyche and soul.
  • By opening the chakras through dance, shaking, breathwork, sound and shamanic practices, we are able to clear energy blocks, release and purify the repressed, denied emotional patterns, unresolved developmental issues and karmic patterns that are encoded there.
  • We can think of the chakras as memory banks. These memory banks also contain our soul codes and the constellations of highest soul purpose in this lifetime. 
  • By opening ourselves to the flows of Life Force (Shakti, Qi, Prana), we open to becoming deeply sourced in the vast vitality of Gaia and Cosmos.
  • We are learning what it means to be truly Sovereign, able to be self-sourced and Divinely Sourced while simulatanesously emobdy the knowing in every cell the interconnection and interdependence of all things. When we are plugged in and when we are rooted, we are unstoppable. 

Here are some reasons why I facilitate Kundalini Dance  & how it can support you in your life journey ~

Healing in community

The healing energy we have access to is stronger and more powerful when we come together with intention. Something different happens when we do healing in a group or as a community- there is a richness and level of support that just can’t be accessed through 1:1 healing work.

Catalyze your healing process 

By opening the chakras through dance, shaking, breathwork, sound and shamanic practices, we are able to clear energy blocks, release and purify the repressed, denied emotional patterns, unresolved developmental issues and karmic patterns that are encoded there. 

Break Ancestral patterns & resource with your Bright and Well Ancestors

Our present moment challenges, pain, disconnection, trauma, disease are directly and indirectly connected to the DNA/epigenetics we carry and the behavioral patterns attached. Alchemical and shamanic healing have the power to alter our relationship with the past, on epigenetic, energetic, psychological, and spiritual levels.

Cultivate your life force energy: Shakti/Qi/Prana

Attune your awareness to your energy body to regain and maintain health. These practices stream from the Ancient Feminine Mysteries, qigong and shamanic healing. These are practices you can incorporate into your self-care healthcare.

Tap into deep resources of creativity

This includes practices for grounding, centering, and clearing, as well as tapping into our sexual energy, passion, desires, devotion and deep soul longings. I believe that at this time healing our sexuality is a big part of our inner work. Both men and women, we have generations of oppression, suppression, abuse, and trauma to clear. We have cultural norms and expectations to slough off and we have multiple cords of power to pull back into ourselves and reclaim.

Gently and easefully transmute trauma and pain

In the Kundalini Dance sessions, we are in a ritual space where we have access to a heightened vibration that is most conducive for healing. We work with the spirit realm, power animals, and ancestors for support and activation. This is an EMBODIMENT practice where we truly come into our body and use our power of the “inner witness” to fully hold anything that comes up for us. We learn how to access naturally heightened/altered states of consciousness in order to let go and shapeshift trauma through our conscious dance, shaking, breathwork, sounding and visualization.

Learn how to cultivate ecstatic states in your body and why it’s important

When we feel ecstatic states, we set off a cascade of neurotransmitters and endorphins as well as imprinting a higher vibrational energy pattern into our body. We create new neural pathways based in harmony, pleasure, love, joy and access new levels of soul satiation. When we cultivate an embodied knowing of these higher ecstatic states over time, the lower fear-based beliefs, emotions and energy patterns can no longer hang out in that matrix. We use a blend of tantric and shamanic practice plus good ole physical exertion to achieve ecstatic states together. I hope to teach this so that you can take it wherever you go and have it forever in your life’s medicine bag – for your own self-care healthcare.

Kundalini dance can support you in cultivating:

Joy Love Vitality Authenticity Integrity Strength Courage Playfulness Nourishment Rooting Direction Your Soul Codes Forgiveness Healthy sexuality Balanced inner feminine and masculine Inner warrior Vision Inner creatix Manifestation Power Intuition Softness Healthier relationships Grounding Opening Voice Heart Guidance Belonging Connection Ecstasy Inner Peace