Holistic Pediatrics

Are you seeking natural, effective, and gentle medicines for your child that actually strengthens them overall while simultaneously addressing their symptoms?

Are you frustrated with mainstream medicine? Are you tired of the same old answers, like antibiotics, and are looking for a more holistic approach that address the root of your child’s issues?

Do you want to give more care to your child but are unsure where to go?

Do you want to give your child the best and most vital foundation for psychological, emotional and physical health that you possibly can – for now and for their future?

Does your child suffer from frequent colds or ear infections? Chronic Headaches or migraines? Allergies, asthma, ADHD? Digestive issues? Constipation or loose stool? Rashes, teething, insomnia, bedwetting, nightmares, picky eating? Chronic low immunity?

Why acupuncture and holistic pediatric medicine work:

#1 It’s natural: Acupuncture stimulates the body to heal itself

#2 It Works with your body instead of against it

#3 Side effects are minimal or non-existent

#4 It’s safe

#5 It’s outstanding for chronic conditions

What does it mean to be holistic?

Holistic medicine, emphasizes a multi-tiered approach that addresses the connections between the body’s physical wellness, it’s energy systems, emotional states, mental wellbeing, constitution the child was born with, and spiritual/soul life.

I use many tools, modalities and practices in our work together and usually will use some combination of these:

*Acupuncture: Shonishin, Microcurrent, and/or gentle insertive acupuncture
*Herbs: Chinese herbal formulas and/or western herbs
*Flower essences
*Pediatric Massage
*Diet Guidance
*Lifestyle Guidance & Stress Reduction
*Nature & Environmental Prescriptions
*Creation of a Support Network

I have four pillars that form the cornerstones of my practice:

#1  I address your child’s issues by recognizing, learning, utilizing and acknowledging his/her STRENGTHS – both constitutionally and on a soul level to resource them in their healing journey.

#2  I emphasize TRUSTING the power of the human body to heal itself by creating the optimal conditions.

#3 Trust in NATURE forms a cornerstone of our work together. Fostering and nurturing a deep relationship with Nature, your child receives endless health benefits – on all levels of being.

#4 Sustainable Changes: doing things with small steps, overtime, while remembering to look up ever so often to glimpse the envisioned outcome.

What does a session with me look like?

Your first office is a 60-75 minute consultation addressing your primary concern and going over a detailed health history and any other issues you would like to address.* Depending on age of child, some questions will be directed to them.

We go over details of treatment options, what seems optimal to me, and what you feel in alignment with.

I answer any questions or concerns you have.

Acupuncture Diagnosis & Treatment:

Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis: I will do some preliminary diagnostic investigations including abdominal, pulse, tongue, and channel diagnosis.

Acupuncture Treatment with shonishin (non-invasive Japanese tools made of gold, copper or silver), a Microcurrent acupoints stimulator, and/or acupuncture needles (usually very short retention time, ranging from a few seconds to a few mintues, or longer with older children).

Sometimes at the end of treatments I will do pediatric tuina massage for the child, while teaching the parent or caregiver how to give it to their child at home. Regular massage can work wonders for children.

Lastly, I will give you a written treatment plan with the frequency and duration of acupuncture sessions and any preliminary adjunct treatments (herbs, flower essences, at-home massage, diet/lifestyle guidance, and/or nature prescriptions.

Follow-up sessions

These sessions are 20-30 minutes with discussion about how things are going, questions, but mostly “table time” with traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis and acupuncture. Additional adjunct treatments or guidance may be added in to the treament plan.

*If the child is a certain age or disposition that would be difficult for them to sit through adult conversation for 45 minutes, I ask that another caretaker tends to the child, or that the child be absent for the first session. If they are absent, a follow-up will be scheduled for their first acupuncture session, included in the rate for the first office visit. 

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What age do you treat?

Babies age 6 months to age 12

Teens age 13 & up

Do you accept insurance for pediatrics?

No insurance accepted. Cash, Check, Credit/Debit Cards accepted.

Does acupuncture hurt? What if my child is afraid of needles?

I practice with non-insertive, non-scary technques – Japanese Shonishin Tools, micro-stim wand, acupressure/Tuina massage. In addition, with the child’s comfort level, I use tiny needles that are painless upon insertion. But I always ask and attain permission and work with the child’s comfort level. The fear that stems from needles is from blood draws and vaccinations – a completely different environment, purpose, needle size and placement.   

Are you anti-western medicine?

Not at all. Some of what it offers is life saving. But there is a lot that is not life enhancing and covers up symtpoms only. I enjoy partnering with your primary care provider and specialists in more serious and long-term health issues.

Healing is a Process

My attitude towards healing is knowing there is a deeper process going on through a child’s healing journey that is very much connected to the family as a unit, our modern culture, ancestral lineage, and to the Earth.

Holistic pediatric medicine works overtime – it’ like going to the gym – you can’t get buff going once or twice. Commitment to a treatment plan is essential for successful treatment of most conditions. And regular preventative treatments and adherence to a balanced lifestyle will keep your kiddo happy and healthy.

I combine a lighthearted and fun attitude with the powerful diagnostic technique of Chinese medicine and the clinical experience to help take you and your child in the direction you want to go.

Stress & Vitality

When we work together, we have the opportunity to take stock of your child and/or family’s health and vitality. Including:

+Sleep & Dreams
+Relaxation & Play
+Movements & Flexibility
+Attention & Breath
+Eating habits & Digestion
+Thoughts & Emotions
+Stress Levels & Drama

I will work with you to help understand more deeply how particular lifestyle choices contribute to overall health, especially stress levels in the home. Regular acupuncture combined with herbal therapies, frequent nature experiences, and diet and lifestyle moderations can help to neutralize the oh so chronic and debilitating stress of our modern day lives.

Do you want to see your kiddo happy, excited, passionate, easy going, with greater resiliency in times of stress & challenge, a strong immune system, and emotional balance? Me too! If you feel ready, let’s get your child on the schedule!

Why I love treating children:

My passion in medicine centers on traditional and ancient, holistic and nature-based healing modalities applied and integrated with modern medicines and culture. I am excited to offer the healing power of the medicine wisdom traditions to our community, in caring for our children.

Today there is much to face as parents, as humans, as caretakers of the Earth. Toxicity, urbanization, terrorism, violence, loss of nature, harmful foods and food systems, and more. Children speak to me of innocence: their great need for care, protection, respect. They are conduits for the world of receptivity, curiosity, playfulness, sensitivity and openness. The children of today are our Earth’s caretakers of tomorrow.

My interest in treating kids began in acupuncture school where I studied Shonishin pediatric acupuncture with my Japanese acupuncture teacher and mentor Dr. Bob Quinn, LAc, DAOM, as well as having had the opportunity to study with Brenda Loew, a wonderful, world-renowned teacher of Shonishin pediatric acupuncture. I have completed training with Pediatric Acupuncturist and Teacher, Robin Green, LAc (kidsloveacupuncture.com) gaining even more comprehensive skill and knowledge in treating children holistically.

Pediatric 6

I have been treating kids since I started my practice in 2014, both in regular sessions as well as via hosting “Children’s Wellness Days”, a sliding scale, 15 minute appointment where kids get shonishin acupuncture and/or Tuina massage. I continue to do this once per month around the full moon – a model they use in Japan.