Radical Immunity – Fall 2020 Deep Health Immersion

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Radical Immunity

Deep Health Immersion – An Online Salon

Aligning with the Fall Season for vitality, immunity, and emotional wellbeing.

Course Content

MODULE 1: Eating with the Seasons, Chinese Medicine & the 5 Elements

MODULE 2: Understanding Holistic Immunity: East-West Parallels

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MODULE 3: Stress, Neurotransmitters & the Immune System

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MODULE 4: Herbs, Superfoods & Supplements

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MODULE 5: Daily Practice: Qigong, Acupressure points, & @ home Moxa

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DIY videos!

How to make Elderberry Syrup

Qigong Practice & 5 Element Organ Clearing & Strengthening

How to make firecider

Acupressure @ home

How to make saurkraut

Kundalini Chakra Clearing & Strengthening

How to make bone broth

Moxa: What it is and why you want it + @home moxa how to!

Course Rates

Early Bird until August 25th: $111

Regular Price: $125

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