Transformational Life Coaching

“…when we approach life knowing that our bodies are designed to constantly repair, rejuvenate, and heal, this shift in perspective creates the chemistry in our cells that mirrors our belief.”

Greg Braden, The Science of Self-Empowerment

Mentorship is a special relationship that supports you in living a full and meaningful life.

  • When challenges arise or you are unable to move forward, a mentor or coach helps you to gain clarity and identify creative solutions to overcome perceived obstacles.
  • Mentoring does not encompass counseling or therapy. Emotional work can be pointed to and made clear, but processing is not a part of our time together. Feel free to bring issues you are having in any realm of life: intimate relationships, work, family life, creativity, health, spirituality. 
  • I offer concepts and practices for personal and spiritual development, helping you to identify, strengthen and deepen your gifts and talents, and assist you in self-clarifying your goals, life dreams and soul purpose.
  • As a Chinese Medicine practitioner, health coaching and support integrate into the whole-person model via diet and lifestyle advice, wellness classes, acupuncture and herbal support for acute and chronic health concerns. Acupuncture treatment is integrated into the Life Coaching sessions.

Is it time to go beyond the current story you have been living?

Is it time to tap into your deep well of creativity in a way that has an impact?

Are you ready for more love? More love means more power to be your Medicine.

What is on fire within you? What is flowing and what is stagnant?

Do you have grounded and piercing Clarity about your Mission?

I work intuitively within a structured framework to co-create a space for you to open to new ways of being in the world that can support and empower more love, creativity, healing, healthy relationships, a vital body, ease of mind, authenticity and embodiment, right livelihood and the capacity to make “good medicine from your gifts.”

I help you engage with spiritual practices and re-align your Center through transformational practices that bring you into deep intimacy with your Self and Spirit.

Following the desires, inclinations, and unique constitution of each individual I tailor a mentorship that also includes soulcraft practices, writing, art, dancing, deep imagery, working with dreams, and much more.

By cultivating your own subtle ways of seeing and knowing and developing the art and skill of “tracking” you can begin to do a lot of your own “inner work”. The more you can know about what is going on for you emotionally, what your triggers are and how to clear them, who your mirrors are and what archetypes are running the show or are absent, the more effective the healing and transformative process can be – the quicker you can get to having the experience you want to be having.

My greatest influences and teachers have been NATURE, Char Sundust, Angeles Arrien, Georgia Faye, my heart, Bill Plotkin, Michael Meade, animals, Leyolah Antara, Thomas More, plants, Hafiz and John o’donohue.

Capitol Reef National Park, UT

 Are you willing to….

  • Tell new stories about your life lived so far
  • Clean up the dusty corners that lack integrity
  • Take “courageous leaps away from social norms”
  • Be self-motivated and self-reflective
  • Do concurrent healing work in other modalities as needed
  • Take challenging feedback and make challenging changes

Accelerate your inner work and healing process:

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