Transformational Life Coaching & Shamanic Medicine

Transformational Life Coaching
Mentorship is a special relationship that supports you in living a full and meaningful life.

  • When challenges arise or you are unable to move forward, a mentor or coach helps you to gain clarity and identify creative solutions to overcome perceived obstacles.
  • Mentoring does not encompass counseling or therapy. Emotional work can be pointed to and made clear, but processing is not a part of our time together. Feel free to bring issues you are having in any realm of life: intimate relationships, work, family life, creativity, health, spirituality. 
  • I offer concepts and practices for personal and spiritual development, helping you to identify, strengthen and deepen your gifts and talents, and assist you in self-clarifying your goals, life dreams and soul purpose.
  • As a Chinese Medicine practitioner, health coaching and support integrate into the whole-person model via diet and lifestyle advice, wellness classes, acupuncture and herbal support for acute and chronic health concerns. Acupuncture treatment is integrated into the Life Coaching sessions.

Is it time to go beyond the current story you have been living?

Is it time to tap into your deep well of creativity in a way that has an impact?

Are you ready for more love? More love means more power to be your Medicine.

What is on fire within you? What is flowing and what is stagnant?

Do you have grounded and piercing Clarity about your Mission?

I work intuitively within a structured framework to co-create a space for you to open to new ways of being in the world that can support and empower more love, creativity, healing, healthy relationships, a vital body, ease of mind, authenticity and embodiment, right livelihood and the capacity to make “good medicine from your gifts.”

I help you engage with spiritual practices and re-align your Center through transformational practices that bring you into deep intimacy with your Self and Spirit.

Following the desires, inclinations, and unique constitution of each individual I tailor a mentorship that also includes soulcraft practices, writing, art, dancing, deep imagery, working with dreams, and much more.

By cultivating your own subtle ways of seeing and knowing and developing the art and skill of “tracking” you can begin to do a lot of your own “inner work”. The more you can know about what is going on for you emotionally, what your triggers are and how to clear them, who your mirrors are and what archetypes are running the show or are absent, the more effective the healing and transformative process can be – the quicker you can get to having the experience you want to be having.

My greatest influences and teachers have been NATURE, Char Sundust, Angeles Arrien, Georgia Faye, my heart, Bill Plotkin, Michael Meade, animals, Leyolah Antara, Thomas More, plants, Hafiz and John o’donohue.

Capitol Reef National Park, UT

 Are you willing to….

  • Tell new stories about your life lived so far
  • Clean up the dusty corners that lack integrity
  • Take “courageous leaps away from social norms”
  • Be self-motivated and self-reflective
  • Do concurrent healing work in other modalities as needed
  • Take challenging feedback and make challenging changes

The synergy of somatic, body-based and energetic healing with ancient and modern practices and channeled information really works.

Accelerate your inner work and healing process

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Shamanic Healing Ceremony

Shamanism is a cross-cultural tradition found in nearly all parts of the globe and functions as a positive, supportive, healing and guiding ANCIENT MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY that influences individual, family, and community health and well-being.

The vitality of the spirit has a direct impact on the vitality of the body, just like emotions and thought patterns can be carried in the very cells and tissues of our physical being.

All aspects of our humanness – body, heart-mind, and spirit – are an interconnected and integral part to healing and wholeness. Shamanic healing can address soul loss (disassociation), PTSD, ancestral healing, family patterns, addictions, mental and emotional issues, and much more.

Soul Retrieval
A soul retrieval is a shamanic healing ceremony that accesses the spiritual realm for deep, long lasting healing. By calling home missing parts of our essential self, our Soul, we can feel more whole and complete. It has the potential to positively transform and transmute “dis-ease” at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

A soul retrieval can have an impact on your whole family system, including ancestral healing.

Often traumatic events happen in our lives, especially when we are vulnerable and so open as children, that cause essential parts of our soul/psyche to disassociate. Soul loss often occurs during periods of trauma to varying degrees. This might include a concussion or other serious bodily injury; surgery; a car accident; physical, mental, or emotional abuse; being on active duty. Soul loss can also occur after significant loss such as the death of a loved one or experiencing an environmental disaster.

Sometimes we are aware of the incidents that lead to the sense of missing a piece of our self. Sometimes we simply feel that something is absent or not quite ‘right’ in our way of being and our life. An aspect of our authentic self and/or a chunk of our vital life force is not accessible to us.

There are many symptoms of “soul loss” that can arise. Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • feeling “not all here”, nobody’s home
  • feeling ungrounded, “spacey”, daydreaming
  • scattered, disassociated, disconnected, a lack of focus
  • acting as if something is missing
  • feeling of emptiness
  • “I have no heart for this”, or think “there’s a big hole inside me”.
  • feelings of being dead inside, emotional numbness
  • no sense of direction or purpose in life
  • observing life as an outsider rather than being fully involved,
  • inability to trust others
  • excessive anger or a limited range of emotional expression
  • depression at any level, hopelessness, fatigue, extreme
  • sadness
  • sleep a lot and feel apathetic
  • overreaction to stimuli or events
  • PTSD

Other symptomatic signs can be…

  • loss of self-confidence, low self-esteem
  • a weakened immune system, low resistance to infections
  • chronic or childhood illness
  • senses may seem muffled
  • blocks of memory loss covering days, months or years
  • alcoholic blackouts, surviving drug overdoses
  • continuous themes or patterns that repeat throughout life
  • misfortune, feeling stuck in a rut
  • various addictions

Are you ready for a soul retrieval?

  • Have you been consciously engaged in your own healing journey via therapy, counseling, bodywork, energy work or other modalities?
  • Do you have stability and a support network where you are able to weather changes in your life?
  • Are you mentally and financially stable?

Extraction and Energy Clearing

An important part of healing is letting go of and getting out all that *****! Insert whatever word you like, but the point is that there are negative and poisonous energies that can live in our tissues and energy centers and are blockages to the manifestation of our highest radiant self-loving selves! And no matter how many affirmations or visualizations we do, that energy needs to be released for the pattern shift.

Cord cuttings
When we sense energy is being drained from us or that we are unnecessarily attached. This sensation can be the result of a past relationship with a person, place or thing. If you feel someone, something, or some place is making you feel drained it is likely you have an energetic cord lingering. If you feel you are wound up in someone else’s issues or not able to let go of a past experience, there is probably energetic cords that need to be cut and released. The process of cord cutting helps to break cords, do honorable closure, and bring things into right relationship. Cord cuttings can also serve to re-establish healthy boundaries when pertaining to a current relationship.

Intuitive ‘Heart walks’
To connect with the wisdom and insight that resides in your heart. In many spiritual traditions it is believed that the heart is the seat of the soul. The ‘Truth’ lies in our heart. Have you ever wondered what wisdom your heart harbors? Intuitive ‘heart walks’ are a wonderful way to clarify your vision and offer unique insight and a sense of guidance on your life path. When we connect with our heart we are more compelled to listen to its guidance and align our thoughts, words, and actions with our heart’s desire.

Shamanic Journey
For accessing healing and wisdom through the language of the soul: symbolical and poetic language is intertwined with practical tools and guidance on your healing journey. The practitioner goes on a shamanic journey with a rattle and/or drum beat for physical, emotional, and/or spirit level healing on behalf of the client. Energetic clearing work, also called extraction, is a part of this work. This type of ceremony can be helpful for accessing information about power animals and guides, as well as about medical conditions (symbolically), and specific questions or issues that need clarity. It is often combined with heart walks and cord cuttings.


Please call or email to schedule a healing ceremony. These sessions are booked out at least 3 weeks in advance. Contact & Location