Transformational Healing

“Human consciousness is too complex to not have a model of healthcare that honors our multi-dimensionality.  “ ~Cadie

True Holistic Wellness supports you to embody the knowledge that you and only you hold the power to heal yourself. It is dependent upon our creativity, our mind-body dynamics, the story(s) we tell ourselves, our connection to our ancestors and our epigenetic lineage, our spirituality, our sexual+creative life force energy, and our capacity for brutal honesty about the basic foundations of lives. 

Transformation is a way of life. And with global crises on many fronts, we, as humans, must call to our warrior spirits and our evolutionary gifts of adaptation, innovation, healing and collaboration. Transformational wellness is a revolutionary and evolutionary choice and committment. Its about being and becoming radically awake. To remember what is sacred and how to again walk in a sacred way on the planet.

Transformational healing has it’s roots in the ancient traditions of mystery schools, esoteric sciences, chinese medicine, cross-cultural shamanic traditions and tantra. What I offer is a weaving with these ancient traditions, cutting edge research and science, and modern evolutionary wellness modalities.

Transformational Healing is an all-encompassing session that weaves together Intuitive + Creative Solutions-based Mentoring + Shamanic Energy Healing.

Transformational healing is both emergent + ancient. Here are some of the principles I have outlined in my e-book, Transformational Healing, coming soon.

What is Intuitive Mentorship?

Your session is a synergy of intuitive and visionary guidance + mentorship + shamanic energy healing. The way that I work is unique and each session can be different from the next, based on what is needed at that time. The key to deep healing work and transformation is the ability to access the subtle energy and subconscious or hidden layers. I do this with you as well as guide you on how to do it on our own. By accessing the mental realm, the feeling realm and the soul realm, as well as working with the energy body and nervous system, together we create a truly holistic session that completes with homework including the “highest good” of practices, tools and creative solutions. Mentorship is a special relationship that supports you in living a full and meaningful life.

  • Align with a high vibrational mindset for successful transformation
  • Overcome perceived obstacles and challenges through our healing conversations and learn how to identify creative solutions
  • Awaken your highest path through the 8 Areas of Self-Actualization:



Influence + Visibility

Calling + Voice

Health + Vitality

Spirituality + The Sacred

Creativity + Sexuality


  • Align with the health paradigm of personal and spiritual development
    • Identify, strengthen and deepen your gifts and talents
    • Self-clarify your goals, life dreams and soul purpose
  • Take your health to the next level with adjunct health coaching, acupuncture and herbal support for acute and chronic health concerns.

What is the new story you desire to birth?

Is it time to once and for all find your core, your unwavering center that you lead from?

You were born to bring medicine to your community and the Earth. Can you bare not finding out how you can have a POWERFUL IMPACT?

I help you engage with spiritual practices and re-align your Center through transformational practices that bring you into deep intimacy with your Self and Spirit.

I work with a variety of people that are interested in

personal and spiritual growth,

ancestral and family of origin healing,

self-care practices and

Those whom wish to include the following in there healing journey: soulcraft and inner work practices, writing, art, dancing, deep imagery, working with dreams, and much more.

By cultivating your own subtle ways of seeing and knowing and developing the art and skill of “tracking” you can begin to do a lot of your own “inner work”. The more you can know about what is going on for you emotionally, what your triggers are and how to clear them, who your mirrors are and what archetypes are running the show or are absent, the more effective the healing and transformative process can be – the quicker you can get to having the experience you want to be having.

Capitol Reef National Park, UT

 Are you willing to….

  • Tell new stories about your life lived so far
  • Clean up the dusty corners that lack integrity
  • Take “courageous leaps away from social norms”
  • Be self-motivated and self-reflective
  • Do concurrent healing work in other modalities as needed
  • Take challenging feedback and make challenging changes

Accelerate your inner work and healing process:

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Are you ready for more love?

What is on fire within you? What is flowing and what is stagnant?

Are you ready to make “good medicine from your gifts.”