Shamanic Medicine

What is Shamanic Medicine?

Shamanism is a cross-cultural tradition found in nearly all parts of the globe and functions as a positive, supportive, healing and guiding ANCIENT MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY that influences individual, family, and community health and well-being.

The vitality of the spirit has a direct impact on the vitality of the body, just like emotions and thought patterns can be carried in the very cells and tissues of our physical being.

All aspects of our humanness – body, heart-mind, and spirit – are an interconnected and integral part to healing and wholeness. Shamanic healing can address soul loss (disassociation), PTSD, ancestral healing, family patterns, addictions, mental and emotional issues, and much more.

Soul Retrieval

A soul retrieval is a shamanic healing ceremony that accesses the spiritual realm for deep, long lasting healing. By calling home missing parts of our essential self, our Soul, we can feel more whole and complete. It has the potential to positively transform and transmute “dis-ease” at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Often traumatic events happen in our lives, especially when we are vulnerable and so open as children, that cause essential parts of our soul/psyche to disassociate. Soul loss often occurs during periods of trauma to varying degrees. This might include a concussion or other serious bodily injury; surgery; a car accident; physical, mental, or emotional abuse; being on active duty. Soul loss can also occur after significant loss such as the death of a loved one or experiencing an environmental disaster.

Sometimes we are aware of the incidents that lead to the sense of missing a piece of our self. Sometimes we simply feel that something is absent or not quite ‘right’ in our way of being and our life. An aspect of our authentic self and/or a chunk of our vital life force is not accessible to us.

There are many symptoms of “soul loss” that can arise. Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • feeling “not all here”, nobody’s home
  • feeling ungrounded, “spacey”, daydreaming
  • scattered, disassociated, disconnected, a lack of focus
  • acting as if something is missing
  • feeling of emptiness
  • “I have no heart for this”, or think “there’s a big hole inside me”.
  • feelings of being dead inside, emotional numbness
  • no sense of direction or purpose in life
  • observing life as an outsider rather than being fully involved,
  • inability to trust others
  • excessive anger or a limited range of emotional expression
  • depression at any level, hopelessness, fatigue, extreme
  • sadness
  • sleep a lot and feel apathetic
  • overreaction to stimuli or events
  • PTSD

Other symptomatic signs may include:

  • loss of self-confidence, low self-esteem
  • a weakened immune system, low resistance to infections
  • chronic or childhood illness
  • senses may seem muffled
  • blocks of memory loss covering days, months or years
  • alcoholic blackouts, surviving drug overdoses
  • continuous themes or patterns that repeat throughout life
  • misfortune, feeling stuck in a rut
  • various addictions

Are you ready for a soul retrieval?

  • Have you been consciously engaged in your own healing journey via therapy, counseling, bodywork, energy work or other modalities?
  • Do you have stability and a support network where you are able to weather changes in your life?
  • Are you mentally and financially stable?

Extraction & Energy Clearing

An important part of healing is letting go, release, and purification. This aspect of healing helps to clear blockages, clarify our vision and capacity to make good and wise decisions in our lives, our ability to manifest and co-create the life we truly desire, and deepen our connection with our radiance! Clearing old and out dated patterns, contracts, family agreements, lower dense energies like shame, fear, guilt, hatred, rage, and others we can alter our epigentics and shapeshift the underlying patterns and imprints that hold us back from our hearts’ desires.

Cord Cuttings

You might need a cord cutting when if you sense energy is being drained from you or that you are unnecessarily attached. This sensation can be the result of a past relationship with a person, place or thing. If you feel someone, something, or some place is making you feel drained it is likely you have an energetic cord lingering. If you feel you are wound up in someone else’s issues or not able to let go of a past experience, there is probably energetic cords that need to be cut and released. The process of cord cutting helps to break cords, do honorable closure, and bring things into right relationship. Cord cuttings can also serve to re-establish healthy boundaries when pertaining to a current relationship.

Ancestral Healing

Most shamanic healing sessions bring forward various healings, reparations, and energetic re-organizations of your family of origin and/or bloodlines. Both maternal and paternal lines have passed down behavioral, mental emotional, and energetic patterns to us through our DNA. These include coping and more dense vibrational patterns that have a negative impact as well as passing down strengths, resources, and love. Shamanic work facilitates opening the flow from your supportive and well ancestors, feeding our capacity to be more resilient and better able to step into our gifts and life dream.