What is somatic work?

The definition of Somatic according to the Oxford Dictionary:: relating to the body, especially as distinct from the mind.

Somatics is an evolving field of study, healing and practice that accesses the body, it’s tissues, organs, pains and sensations – in essence the wisdom of the body – to relieve held patterns of trauma, shock, tension and dysregulation. In Peter Levine’s seminal work, The Body Keeps the Score, he teaches us how all of our experiences, learnings and patterns are stored in our body – most notably our nervous system.

What is a Somatics session like?

Beginning with some hands-on energy work and guided breathwork, the session will evolve into more focused attention on where your body is guiding us to work. I facilitate you cultivating a relationship with and communication to your body by using techniques of guided, body-based meditation and nervous system sensitive language, deep imagery, and sensory awareness in a safe and healing container in order to explore the core wounds, trauma, and shock that are underneath symptoms, behaviors, emotions, and thoughts.

The primary framework that I use in these sessions is from Jin Shin Tara or The TARA Approach. This approach combines jin shin jitsu, somatic experiencing, craniosacral therapy, and cutting edge research and understanding in Neuroscience about how shock and trauma effect the nervous system – especially through conception and pre- and peri-natal time.

My diverse training in multiple lineages of trauma-informed healing work combined with a specialized somatics-based training in Jin Shin Tara, I am able to facilitate powerful, safe and deeply transformative healing sessions.