SpringVital 21 Day Detox

SpringVital 21 Day Detox

Ebook + Supported Program

Wisdom of the ancients + contemporary nutrition science that support a healthy body and healthy earth!

Supported Program begins April 27th, 2020!

How are you feeling? Unprecedented times are here and I know I have been through the whole spectrum of emotions. We are all in this together (which brings me some semblance of comfort) and the truth is, that we are all, individually, also on our unique journeys through this global pandemic.

You might have more stress in someways – financial struggle, sickness, or fear of loved ones getting ill. You might fall into the camp of less stress – enjoying family and time off, having more spaciousness to expand into yourself and deepen your relationships without the stress of being so busy all the time. It’s a mixed bag for most of us.

What’s so darn amazing is that we get to re-evaluate the choices we’ve made. We get to decide if we show up in love or in fear. We might even get to have insights about our our passions and life dreams.

In other words, we have an opportunity to do some work on ourselves! To be reflective, to make some choices, and more deeply attune to self-care and self-awareness. Your body is the Earth’s body. We are little microcosms inside the macrocosm – YOU becoming more healthy, more aligned with the cycles of this beautiful planet has a powerful impACT. Your vitality, positivity and love create a more vital and loving world.

I’ve had the opportunity to complete a collaborative project Ive been working on for…. well, years… with my best friend and colleague, Callie Blackwood-Page, MSOM, LAc. (We went to Chinese medicine school together).

Here it is! A springtime eating guide and detox plan in an easy PDF Ebook! Plus – we created a supported program to go along with it. Keep reading to learn about the Supported Program!!

What’s included in the

SpringVital 21 Day Detox Ebook?

  • 21 day detox plan
  • Seasonal food list + Seasonal eating wisdom
  • Herbs + supplements daily regimen
  • Access to my Online Dispensary so you can purchase all your herbs and supplements from one place and know you are getting the highest quality products.*
  • AMAZING Recipes + Pro Tips for “Batch Cooking”

Interested in reading a free excerpt from the book?


As someone who is awakening to the link between human wellbeing and the health of the Earth, join us for a supported 21 day Spring Detox where you will source your inner peace/flow/clarity/strength to catalyze more resiliency for your life.

We have created this detox program as a way for you and your family  to take steps to eat and live in a more sustainable way. We teach ancient + cutting edge practices that support your holistic transformation and vitality.

Have you been feeling heavy, bloated, tired and cranky? Find yourself eating sugar non-stop? Looking for a way to nourish and recharge your body, mind and spirit?

We believe that cleaning up your diet can have life changing effects! It can even support you in releasing old coping patterns, negative thoughts, and stressful emotional states.

Join the Supported Program which begins April 27th, 2020!!

***What you get ****

The SpringVital 21 Day Detox Ebook PLUS

+10 page PDF printable worksheets + Food Lists

+Access to the live group coaching and support via the private Facebook Group!

+Bonus videos, articles and inspirations during the detox

+Bonus handouts for options to add into your spring detox including hydrotherapy, dry brushing and more!

+Bonus info about Immune Boosting and Stress Relief

Detoxing allows the body to heal. By calming inflammation and lessening the “toxic burden,” we boost our immune functioning and support our body to fight off pathogens more efficiently.

Once you remove the foods that are sabotaging your success and decrease your body’s toxicity, you will be better able to achieve your health goals + VITALIZE your life!!!!

Benefits of Spring Cleansing

Weight loss

Renewed energy

Strengthen your immune system

Decrease inflammation

Better sleep

Improved skin and hair health

More balanced digestion and metabolism

Feel great in your body!

Mental and emotional clarity

Heal gut dysbiosis

Address candida issues

Identify food sensitivities

Feel supported by the Power Flows of the Season

Imagine yourself looking in the mirror and seeing a radiant//glowing// human with soul-satisfied eyes looking back at you.

Finally feeling free from fear and anxiety running the show, you are attuned to a bright inner spark that you haven’t felt in years. You feel stronger in your body and in your resolve to pursue that dream you haven’t been able to tend to.

Touching that inner passion again you also feel somehow softer, like there is a flowing river bringing nourishment and love to all the places of lack and scarcity inside of you.

Feelings of hopelessness and overwhelm about the state of the world have left your immediate experience and you are more grounded now in the knowing that you are doing your small part to heal yourself, your community and the Earth. 

Have health concerns or never detoxed before???

I have a limited number of 1:1 Detox Consultations available!

Via Zoom, we will have an opportunity to discuss your health conditions and assess your constitution.

In these sessions you will receive:

  • An herbal formula to support your unique constitution and conditions 
  • Altering the detox plan to align with your health
  • Get your specific questions answered


“Earth changes are here to stay, and there is much you can do to build a sense of trust and wellbeing. Healthcare now must include our relationship to the ecosystems of the planet – weaving a new paradigm of health that incorporates global climate change as well as social, cultural and environmental activism. Our health is reliant on the health of the Earth’s ecosystems and all beings. We are all interconnected. I invite you to join in the healthcare revolution that grows our sense of connection, reciprocity, and renewal of bonds between humans and the natural world.” ~Cadie Lynn

Aligning with the seasons and the earth’s rhythms, we create an increase in both inner and outer harmony and help to bridge the sense of separation between our human world and Nature. Attuning our bodies to what nature is doing helps us remember that WE ARE NATURE. 

20% of ebook sales will go to non-profit organizations that are making a difference in the realms of environmental, social and cultural justice.


SpringVital 21 Day Detox Ebook


Supported program


1:1 Detox Consultations


*Cost of herbs & supplements not included

High Value, Reduced Rates

Due to COVID-19 and the state of the world right now :-/ we are offering our ebook, program and consults at much reduced rates. We are hoping this can be supportive to those who feel aligned and ready to join us! And when you order your herbs and supplements from my online dispensary you receive 10% off!