SpringVital 21 Day Detox

SpringVital 21 Day Detox

Supported Program begins April 25th, 2021

Have you been feeling heavy, bloated, tired, and cranky? 

Feeling stuck in negative thought patterns or stressful emotional states? 

Find yourself eating a crazy amount of sugar? 

Looking for a way to nourish, recharge, and THRIVE?

Ready to step into a new level of intuitive eating and self-care? 

Ready for a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual upgrade?

You’re here because some part of you is ready to say “yes!” to a reset. We’re so excited for you to join this supported 21 day SpringVital detox where you will source your inner peace, flow, clarity, and strength to catalyze more resiliency for your life. 

Imagine yourself looking in the mirror and seeing a radiant, glowing human with soul-satisfied eyes looking back at you. Finally feeling free from fear and anxiety running the show, you are attuned to a bright inner spark that you haven’t felt in years. Touching that inner passion again you also feel somehow softer, like there is a flowing river bringing nourishment and love to all the places of lack and scarcity inside of you. You feel stronger in your body and in your resolve to pursue that dream you haven’t been able to tend to. Feelings of hopelessness and overwhelm about the state of the world have left your immediate experience and you are more grounded now in the knowing that you are doing your small part to heal yourself, your community and the Earth. 

Join the supported program starting April 25th!

What’s possible

Detoxing allows the body to heal and restore. By calming inflammation and lessening the “toxic burden,” we boost our immune functioning and support our body to fight off pathogens more efficiently. 

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Once you remove the foods that are sabotaging your success and decrease your body’s toxicity, you will be better able to achieve your goals and vitalize your life!

Cleansing can also support weight loss, renew your energy levels, strengthen your immune system, improve your sleep, revitalize your skin and hair, balance your digestion, bring greater mental and emotional clarity, and so much more! Here are some things you can expect during this cleanse:

  • Release old, negative and toxic material that is weighing you down or holding you back from thriving. 
  • Strengthen your overall constitution.
  • Bring love to your relationships to food and eating.
  • Work with your energy body to move through your “stuff” as it comes up in the detox process (and it will).
  • Move into a new paradigm of self love and self actualization by bringing your intuition into your most common daily ritual — eating!

What’s right for YOUR body and soul

We believe that every body and soul is unique! That’s why we created a cleanse that is all about doing what is right for you. 

We want you to feel empowered to engage at the right level for YOU — to tap into your body’s wisdom and intuition to guide you. 

The framework we provide is holistic and balanced, and we encourage you to build on it according to what you are ready to focus on. If you want to go simple, we offer the basic detox kit. If you want to emphasize other aspects of your health, you can add in categories like:

  • Beauty
  • Immunity
  • Energy & Mood
  • Libido
  • Bowel health
  • Digestive Support
  • Candida
  • Juice/Water Fast

I can work one-on-one with you to dial in the right combination of herbs, supplements and foods to create your unique detox program. Especially if you have health concerns, this is your first detox, or you’re wanting a deeper level of personal growth — we want to answer your questions and provide the level of support you need!  Choose the Detox + Consultation option!

What’s included in the program

We aim to co-create a high-vibration community that uplifts and supports each other in living our best lives. 

You’ll have access to high quality, affordable herbs, supplements and superfoods that supercharge your detox and create more ease and grace in the process.

  1. The SpringVital 21 Day Detox Ebook
    1. 21-day detox plan
    2. Seasonal food list + Seasonal eating wisdom
    3. Herbs + supplements daily regimen
    4. Access to my Online Dispensary so you can purchase all your herbs and supplements from one place and know you are getting the highest quality products.*
    5. AMAZING recipes + cooking tips 
  2. A printable 10+ page workbook for you to engage with
  3. Food lists
  4. Live group coaching and support 
  5. Resources and inspiration 
  6. Information and ideas on add-ons (like hydrotherapy, dry brushing and more)
  7. Teachings on Immune Boosting and Stress Relief

We are so honored to be your guides! 

Cadie Federmeyer, Licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, clairvoyant healer, mentor, kundalini dance instructor, and transformational facilitator.

Callie BlackwoodPage, Licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and qigong facilitator!

Aligning with the seasons and the earth’s rhythms, we create an increase in both inner and outer harmony and help to bridge the sense of separation between our human world and Nature. Attuning our bodies to what nature is doing helps us remember that WE ARE NATURE. 

50% of ebook sales will go to non-profit organizations that are making a difference in the realms of environmental, social and cultural justice.

“Earth changes are here to stay, and there is much you can do to build a sense of trust and wellbeing. Healthcare now must include our relationship to the ecosystems of the planet – weaving a new paradigm of health that incorporates global climate change as well as social, cultural and environmental activism. Our health is reliant on the health of the Earth’s ecosystems and all beings. We are all interconnected. I invite you to join in the healthcare revolution that grows our sense of connection, reciprocity, and renewal of bonds between humans and the natural world.” ~Cadie